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Seeds We Planted

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A Nation Rising


The Value of Hawaiʻi, 2

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Nā Wāhine Koa


The Seeds We Planted

"To practice sovereign pedagogies is to recognize that sovereignty at both the personal and collective levels is critical for the health and optimal learning of Indigenous peoples, as it is for all people."

A Nation Rising

"A constellation of land struggles, peoples' initiatives, and grassroots organizations gave rise to what has become known as the Hawaiian movement...These movements for life, land and sovereignty changed the face of contemporary Hawaiʻi."

The Value of Hawai'i, 2

"How can more of us protect
and enhance what is precious about Hawai‘i for coming generations? The voices gathered in this volume are hopeful about the future, and they urge us toward changes in perspective. "

Nā Wāhine Koa

"Laboring in love for their lands and people long into their kupuna years...the four coauthors of this book were not simply heeding the calls of others or riding an inevitable tide. They have been the tide. They have been like moons that draw others into movement."


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